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Posted by Jess on 8:38 PM
Well, here is quite the story. I got a phone call from Brandon last Friday on my way to school asking me if I knew where his car was. It really took me a moment to get what he was trying to say- his could not find the Navigator. So, I dropped Kendall off and went back home as Brandon called the local police departemetn to report that his car had been stolen. We tried to think of any thing else that may have happened to the car, but by the end of the day we had to settle with the fact that the Navigator had been stolen.

So, if this wasn't enough, Brandon recieve a phone call from the Sand Diego Sherrif's department telling him that his car had been recovoered. He did not get alot of information, other than it was in tough shape and it was being held for evidence. We eventually got more information through subsequent phone calls- the car had been involved in a chase and had to be shot down- yes, shot down. After processing that information, we realized that car chases that end in shootings usually make the news. So, I went online to a few local San Diego new sites and found the story. Apparently the Navigator had pulled up to a house that was under surveillance by a U.S. Marshall Fugitive Task Force. The officials ran the plates a realized the car was stolen so when they people driving the car went to leave the house they were pulled over. As a Border Patrol agent and a U.S. Marshall approached the car the driver drove towards them in an aggressive manner- giving the impression that they intended to run the officers over. The officers felt that they were in danger so they fired 2 rounds at the Navigator. The driver and the passenger fled the car and tried to escape, but were captured. Yes, this all really happened to our car!

Below is the link to a story, as well as pictures and a video clip from that evening's news. I guess the good news is that the insurance company has determined the Navigator to be a total loss- so we get a new car, something that will be nice with increasing gas prices.

At the end of the day, we are left wondering- who does this kind of stuff really happen to?!



Oh my gosh! Seriously! Who does that happen to? That is just crazy! Yay for getting a new car though.

Oh my! That is seriously so crazy! When my parents lived in Arizona, their car got stolen while they were at the temple and some pretty crazy stuff happened to it too! On the bright side, you and your family look so cute!

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