Bye Richie!

Posted by Jess on 12:50 PM
We knew this day was coming, we even knew it was coming soon. But April 2nd rolled around and it was a far different experience than most of us thought it would be. Richie entered the MTC this last Wednesday, he'll be there for 3 weeks and then head off to Perth, Australia until April 2010. We got the chance to all be together before his departure over Easter weekend- I thought the reality had set in then, sitting a Cafe Rio talking about how the next time Brandon and I would see him would be 'down under' (poor Richie, the Australia references have been endless- we even gave him a boomerang for Christmas!), but Wednesday was different. Talking to my baby brother who was facing this new part of his life head on and seeming like he had no reservations what so ever put me in a place to think. Think about our childhoods- kicking Richie's butt on Nintendo and then having it handed right back to me a few months later, after my move to California when I would come home and be astounded by the maturity Richie had gained in the months I had been away, Hawaii- I think Brandon and I really got to know a whole new side of Richie as we would all drive around Maui together, even to the thought of how much Kendall is going to change when Richie comes home, and now this- Richie really is leaving.
In these few moments I had to my self after I hung up the phone Wednesday morning- before getting Kendall up and leaving for school- I realized it wasn't going to just be Richie experiencing something new, it was going to be all of us. We are all going through the difficulty of Richie being gone and I am sure we will all go through the many ups and downs a missionary can bring. Even though I am 600 miles away from my family and soon to be much more from my little brother there is an unmistakable bond between all of us that has set in over the last 2 days, and I am sure it is only going to get stronger as we all progress down this road.
Bye Buddy! I am so incredibly proud of you and will miss you horribly! I have Aunt Julie's chocolate chip cookie recipe and am ready to tackle it and ship you some of the good stuff this weekend.


Kendall and Frozen Yogurt

Posted by Jess on 9:24 PM
My friend and I took Kendall to a frozen yougurt place by my school the other day. She could not get enough! I thought I would share these priceless pictures- enjoy!


My First Day in Court

Posted by Jess on 9:06 PM

So, my final assignment in a class I took last quarter, a leagal reasearch and writing course, was an oral argument. My teacher, a retirered judge, was able to schedule a court room at the county courthouse- it was a big deal! Here are some pictures of that day, I love them and hope to look back at them after law school and smile. By the way... we won our case.

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