The Navigator

Posted by Jess on 8:38 PM
Well, here is quite the story. I got a phone call from Brandon last Friday on my way to school asking me if I knew where his car was. It really took me a moment to get what he was trying to say- his could not find the Navigator. So, I dropped Kendall off and went back home as Brandon called the local police departemetn to report that his car had been stolen. We tried to think of any thing else that may have happened to the car, but by the end of the day we had to settle with the fact that the Navigator had been stolen.

So, if this wasn't enough, Brandon recieve a phone call from the Sand Diego Sherrif's department telling him that his car had been recovoered. He did not get alot of information, other than it was in tough shape and it was being held for evidence. We eventually got more information through subsequent phone calls- the car had been involved in a chase and had to be shot down- yes, shot down. After processing that information, we realized that car chases that end in shootings usually make the news. So, I went online to a few local San Diego new sites and found the story. Apparently the Navigator had pulled up to a house that was under surveillance by a U.S. Marshall Fugitive Task Force. The officials ran the plates a realized the car was stolen so when they people driving the car went to leave the house they were pulled over. As a Border Patrol agent and a U.S. Marshall approached the car the driver drove towards them in an aggressive manner- giving the impression that they intended to run the officers over. The officers felt that they were in danger so they fired 2 rounds at the Navigator. The driver and the passenger fled the car and tried to escape, but were captured. Yes, this all really happened to our car!

Below is the link to a story, as well as pictures and a video clip from that evening's news. I guess the good news is that the insurance company has determined the Navigator to be a total loss- so we get a new car, something that will be nice with increasing gas prices.

At the end of the day, we are left wondering- who does this kind of stuff really happen to?!




Posted by Jess on 12:12 PM

Brandon finally had a day off, so we went to Disneyland! He has been working so much lately trying to sell some office condos. We are luck enough to live about 45 minutes away from Disneyland and to have season passes so we try go whenever we get a chance. Kendall has loved it every time we have gone, up until the last few times. Something about any of the rides freaks her out now. We tried to take her on the train that takes you around the park and she was upset about that- she kept saying 'no train, no train'. It was seriously the saddest thing ever!

Mickey Mouse has bee THE THING around our house lately, Kendall doen't even have much interst in Little Einstiens anymore! So, after setteling down from the train ride to Toon Town and seeing Goofy's house things were a little better. We pretty much stuck to the parades and characters after that. We did get some cute pictures, hope you like them!


Bye Richie!

Posted by Jess on 12:50 PM
We knew this day was coming, we even knew it was coming soon. But April 2nd rolled around and it was a far different experience than most of us thought it would be. Richie entered the MTC this last Wednesday, he'll be there for 3 weeks and then head off to Perth, Australia until April 2010. We got the chance to all be together before his departure over Easter weekend- I thought the reality had set in then, sitting a Cafe Rio talking about how the next time Brandon and I would see him would be 'down under' (poor Richie, the Australia references have been endless- we even gave him a boomerang for Christmas!), but Wednesday was different. Talking to my baby brother who was facing this new part of his life head on and seeming like he had no reservations what so ever put me in a place to think. Think about our childhoods- kicking Richie's butt on Nintendo and then having it handed right back to me a few months later, after my move to California when I would come home and be astounded by the maturity Richie had gained in the months I had been away, Hawaii- I think Brandon and I really got to know a whole new side of Richie as we would all drive around Maui together, even to the thought of how much Kendall is going to change when Richie comes home, and now this- Richie really is leaving.
In these few moments I had to my self after I hung up the phone Wednesday morning- before getting Kendall up and leaving for school- I realized it wasn't going to just be Richie experiencing something new, it was going to be all of us. We are all going through the difficulty of Richie being gone and I am sure we will all go through the many ups and downs a missionary can bring. Even though I am 600 miles away from my family and soon to be much more from my little brother there is an unmistakable bond between all of us that has set in over the last 2 days, and I am sure it is only going to get stronger as we all progress down this road.
Bye Buddy! I am so incredibly proud of you and will miss you horribly! I have Aunt Julie's chocolate chip cookie recipe and am ready to tackle it and ship you some of the good stuff this weekend.


Kendall and Frozen Yogurt

Posted by Jess on 9:24 PM
My friend and I took Kendall to a frozen yougurt place by my school the other day. She could not get enough! I thought I would share these priceless pictures- enjoy!


My First Day in Court

Posted by Jess on 9:06 PM

So, my final assignment in a class I took last quarter, a leagal reasearch and writing course, was an oral argument. My teacher, a retirered judge, was able to schedule a court room at the county courthouse- it was a big deal! Here are some pictures of that day, I love them and hope to look back at them after law school and smile. By the way... we won our case.


Our Attempt to Find Tenaja Falls

Posted by Jess on 2:44 PM
We had heard about a waterfall that was pretty close to our house so we decided to go find it this last weekend. A waterfall is a big deal inour area! It is so dry that this waterfall only has actual water a few months out the year, something we couldn't miss! We found directions for the hike on a hiking website and drove up to the Santa Rosa Plateau. It is a beautiful place on top of the hils just west of where we live.

Well, the directions we had were horrible to say the least, We eventually found a map with the trailhead on it, and started on a hike that we thought might be the right trail but we were wrong. It was a beautiful hike- the area is so green right now from the recent rain.

Kendall decided she was big enough to hike all by herself, and she actually did for the last part. She wanted nothing to do with Brandon or I trying to help her- might sound like someone I know....

We ended up finding the right trail as we were driving out, so we decided to come back and really experience Tenaja Falls.


Easter 2008

Posted by Jess on 12:49 PM

We flew up to Salt Lake for Easter and had a great time hanging out with all of Jess's family. It was a little bittersweet becasue it was the last time we would all be together before Richie leaves for Austrailia. We went tubbing at Solilder Hollow on Saturday, I'm still not sure Kendall knew what to think about that whole experience. She definatley had fun just playing in the snow with Grandma.

This Easter was the first year Kendall started to get the hang of 'hunting for eggs'. She loved picking up the eggs with candy in them, shaking them a couple times, and then dropping them in her basket. It was one of those moments for me where I realized how big she has gotten. Easter was the first holiday we had with her out of the hospital, she was so tiny and all of my pictures from that year are so different than this year. Now, she was walking around in her princess coat talking about how pretty it was and enjoying hunting for easter eggs... time seriously just flys by!

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